We are a creative studio focused on photography and its various forms.
We are Lenka & Nika and Obývák Creative Studio is our home. The place where all creative things are made.
The year 2014 was the one when we met each other for the first time at Tomas Bata University. To gain more experience in the field of photography Lenka went to study at University of Ljubljana in Slovenia and Nika at Mimar Sinan University in Istanbul, Turkey. Later we both graduated Photography department and our journey together began. The concept to found this studio originated primarily from our passion to create.
Our focus is on topics as nature, recycling and ecology. For our work we primary use materials such as a paper, wood but we also like to explore other materials.
Now we do something that fills us and we love it!

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2015 Butterfly effect, Photogether Gallery, Zlín
2015 – Pěkné místo, Studio of Advertising Photography TBU, Zlín
Pěkné místo, Pokoje 4, Umělecká galerie Pokoje, Prague
Na wlasny rachunek, PhotoFringe, Galeria Sztuki A1, Krakow
 Hľadanie impulzov 2, Manor House, Smižany
Historical techniques in CUBE, PhotoFringe, Galeria Sztuki A1, Krakow
 Máš vůbec rád fotografii?, Photogether Gallery, Zlín
– Ohnivý kohout, Photogether Gallery, Zlín
Student’s Exhibition of Semestral Works, ALUO, Ljubljana
Exhibition of Bachelor Works, Filmový uzel Zlín, Zlín
Solo Exhibition, Řepik a Pampeliška, Galeria Sztuki A1, Krakow
Diky moc XXIII. Krajiny na povrchu, Photogether Gallery, Zlín
Kostka cukru, Photogether Gallery, Zlín
Collaborative Exhibition with Lukáš Procházka, Beauty Look, Festival of Photography, Uničov
Březen Duben Květen, Photogether Gallery, Zlín
2013 – Z kola ven, Anne Frank Memorial, Brno
2014 – Výstava v budově Nejvyššího soudu, Brno                   
2015 – Schovka, Photogether gallery, Zlín
2015 – Pěkné místo, Studio of Advertising Photography TBU, Zlín
2015 – Pěkné místo, Pokoje 4,
Umělecká galerie Pokoje, Prague
2015 – Na wlasny rachunek, PhotoFringe, 
Galeria Sztuki A1, Krakow
2016 – 18. Sklizeň, Svit, Zlín
2017 – Inscenovaná fotografie,
University of West Bohemia, Plzeň
2017 – Ohnivý kohout, Photogether gallery, Zlín
2018 –
Exhibition of Bachelor Works, Filmový uzel, Zlín
2019 Olbia Sanat Galerisi, Akdeniz University, Antalya
2019 – AFO Klauzury, SOLO Offspace, Brno
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